Struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Can’t get enough of sugar? Well, you’re not alone. Breaking the bad habits and committing to eat better are not always easy. In a world where processed and unhealthy foods are highly available, it’s tough to change unbalanced eating habits, let alone resisting the temptation of palatable stuffs that our taste buds crave.



So, why does getting the scale to tumble like such as a real struggle? Culprit number one is unhealthy eating habits. Then the ultimate question follows: why do our bodies crave for stuffs that aren’t good for us? 

Put the blame on our taste buds. It has been said that taste buds are genetically engineered to desire high-fat, high calorie foods that typically taste better than nature’s. This is what makes broccoli a hard sell than a tasty pizza. Unfortunately, according to a study in 2010, fast food and highly processed stuffs can be definitely addicting. The brain chemistry changes, not for the better, when fed regularly with these kinds of food. As a result, we tend to lose our ability to determine when we are exactly hungry.



More studies on unhealthy eating habits even show that food is just as addictive as alcohol and drugs. Fortunately, “addiction” comes both ways and you can definitely slowly begin to refine your taste and become addicted to nutritious food. According to Marcia Pelchat, a food psychologist, it all comes down with what you eat regularly. In her study, she tried giving low-fat drink each day for two weeks to the test subjects. 

After a regular consumption, most individuals is begun to crave the drink in spite of the chalky taste. Conclusion: Even if broccoli tastes terrible for you right now, the more you consume it regularly, the more you’ll likely to enjoy eating it. 

To create new habits, it may be good or bad, actually takes time. Keeping this mind, it is safe to assume that you will definitely have a tough time sticking to a healthier eating habit if you from a regular consumption of pizza to strictly eating vegetables in one day. Start with baby step. Small changes can help make a big difference on your diet. 

Begin with replacing your cakes with healthier fat free pudding cup. By creating realistic changes and gradual approach, you will more likely to transform your diet routine for good. If you enjoy your pizza, it’s possible to enjoy your broccoli if you make it happen. It is perfectly fine to pick a slice or two now and then, but be sure to consume nutritious and healthier foods most of the time. Don’t allow your sweet tooth and taste buds to take over your life.




Culprit number two, lack of commitment. Your diet plan remains a plan until you act on it. Commitment is the difference between you reaching your soda or letting it stay inside the vending machine. How can you expect to succeed if you can’t go a few hours without giving in to temptation? 



The key is to exercise the strength of your discipline and willpower over time. You have to remind yourself why you’re eating healthier. You need to remember your purpose for choosing to nutritious foods regularly and ditching your soda and soft drinks. You should remind yourself that only you can reap the benefits of a happier, healthier and more satisfying life if you commit to your diet plans. You have to remind yourself always even it means doing it every hour of your day. 



It’s an Uphill Battle, how do you stay on track? Culprit number three, lack of motivation. Commitment will get the engine turning but motivation is what will keep it running. You struggle to lose weight not because of lack of understanding but because more frequently a lack of self-motivation. No one says, losing weight is fun and enjoyable journey.

Ask the experts and they’ll tell you how frustrating and challenging venture it can be. No sugar-coating. In most cases, people don’t struggle starting a healthier diet and enrolling into a weight loss program. They struggle staying on track simply because it is easy to lose motivation in a very challenging and frustrating weight loss game.  Many people wish to learn how to lose weight fast without exercising.



In order to make the right motivation, you must be absolutely crystal clear on your weight loss goal. Without a clear goal in mind, it’s impossible to compete and achieve something. Know the real reason why you’re doing it. The answer becomes the foundation of your motivation. 

Set short-term and long-term goals in mind. A short term goal will help you to keep going without leaving you feel like a failure if you haven’t achieve your target scale yet. You can include your workout schedule, target scale and eating habits into your short term goals. And just like mentioned above, it helps to make gradual changes over time. 

Short term goals allow you to have a healthier eating habit without feeling guilty of eating a slice of your favourite pizza now and then. A good motivation can help you make your entire weight loss journey enjoyable and a less of a chore.



So, how do you make your weight loss journey easier? You may ask. Weight loss starts with the Mind. Truth is, weight loss is not entirely about the body or the physical aspect. The mental aspect of the person also plays a very important role. Change your perception because that’s culprit number four. It is important to look at weight loss from different angles. 

You should see and treat weight loss as a beneficial venture rather than a household chore because if you continue looking it this way you’ll surely end up struggling regardless of how wonderful your diet and work plans are. Your journey will also be a struggle if can’t see the beauty of what you’re doing. When you align your mind with your body, these two aspects can work harmoniously.



A perfect diet plan does no good if you’re not committed and motivated. It is nothing if you don’t see weight loss as an opportunity to live a more satisfying life. To have a healthy lifestyle, achieve the perfect body and maintain a healthy scale, you should start with your mind. 

Before starting a diet plan or enrolling you in workout program, list down all the reasons why you should lose weight. Name all the benefits you’ll get if you commit into a healthier lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Read inspiring stories from individuals who have successfully achieved a healthy weight. Don’t get started until you find good reasons to.



We’re born unique and so does our body. Some people have health conditions that affect their ability to lose weight. For instance, people with thyroid problems may have difficulty losing weight. The body functions on delicate balanced chemicals in order to operate properly. 

Metabolism and weight are related to thyroid hormones and when these chemicals are unbalanced, they can whack out weight-related issues. On the other hand, people with metabolic problems may not only prevent them from losing weight but can also suffer serious health issues including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. 

At the heart of losing weight, there’s also stress hormone. Stress hormone or cortisol may block the attempts for weight loss since it can fight or flight your appetite. Some people tend to crave carbs and unhealthy stuffs that please their taste buds when stress and keep the fats in the mid-section of the body.



By lowering the cortisol levels or working towards decreasing stress, you can achieve a balanced hormone. How to do it? Get a regular exercise, improve your sleep and take care of yourself in order to feel great. You can also take up a new hobby or simply do breathing techniques in order to ward off stress before it takes control of your day. On the other hand, get medical treatment if you are having a thyroid trouble. Doctors will test your hormone level and create a treatment plan to increase your metabolism.



Losing weight is not easy and fun, that’s the reality. However, you can definitely change your ways, mind set and attitude in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. While there are several steps you should do, things to consider and stuffs to think about, understand that you should hustle in order to achieve greatness. Great things take time, they say. 

So regardless if it takes a month, a year or a lifetime to achieve your target scale, the most important thing is you don’t give up. Weight should not be about getting the perfect diet plan or enrolling yourself in the best fitness program. It should start within you. You should not complain about the things you are not willing to change so don’t complain that you’re overweight when you step on the weighing scale. 

The next time you beat yourself up on the pounds you’re getting, ask yourself first. Are you willing to break your bad habits? Are you willing to change your lifestyle and commit to a healthier life? Are you willing to transform your life and live it to the fullest? Go ahead. Look at yourself in the mirror.

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