Royalty Free Usage Policy

Can I use Simply Hypnotic’s ‘Royalty Free’ music in my YouTube videos and Twitch? 

Yes – Purchases include a Royalty Free Licence.

Can I monetise my video if I’ve used Simply Hypnotic’s music? 

Yes – but make sure you follow the guidelines in this Usage policy..

How do I credit the song(s) I use properly on Live Streams? 

If you are using music on Twitch Stream or YouTube Stream, simply put “Music provided by” in your stream description.

Will I get a copyright claim or strike if I use a Simply Hypnotic Royalty Free track in my YouTube video? 

No – if you’re an Independent Creator, Gamer or Vlogger and follow this usage policy, then all Simply Hypnotic Royalty Free tracks are available to use across YouTube & Twitch.

I received a Copyright Claim/Strike, what can I do? 

Simply Hypnotic uses Content ID Technology across Social Media networks to protect our copyrights, but as long as you’ve followed the usage policy you will be fine. In the result of a claim, email with your name | Email address | Channel/Profile URL | Name of the Song Used | Name of the Company claiming copyright | Attach a screenshot of the claim.

Will I own the rights to the music after purchasing and can I re-sell it? 

NO – You may NOT resell the music by itself – This means that you cannot sell CDs or digital downloads of the music, nor can you make the music available in a way, that allows people to download, stream or extract the music as a standalone file. Your product must be a derivative work, i.e. where the music is used as the background to a voiceover, as the soundtrack on a video or as a carrier for brainwave entrainment. 
The following volume sales apply: Streaming services – Unlimited streams; Physical copies (CDs, DVDs etc) – 2 000 copies; Electronic file downloads –


You cannot sub-license (with or without voice over) the music to any third party, nor can you sell the music as part of a production music library, as stock music, royalty free music or music sample library Unlimited 

Video monetization on YouTube, Vimeo etc. allowed. Proceeds go to the license holder (licensee).

How do I get a Commercial Licence? 

Simply Hypnotic’ music is available to use for independent content creators on YouTube & Twitch that follow the usage policy, but to establish whether you need a Commercial License, please email to give more of an understanding of the type of content you are creating.

Will I receive my download links right away? 

Yes. You’ll get instant access to download the audio files after payment. The download links will be sent to your inbox, where you can access it anytime and download as many times as you want.